Sunday, 9 December 2007

malreport san joaquin

inner party member schofield unperson. claim schofield inner party member goldsteinist doubleplusbad error


craig said...
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craig said...

plusnew report. rectify previous as follows:

inner party member Sauls communicates fraternal greeting to diosj cell quote:

ignore malreport by goldsteinists. diosj district of ecusania. diosj will always be district of ecusania. diosj always unanimously adulate AngSoc.

I leader of AngSoc Defense Duckspeaker Cadre salute diosj for joyous party fidelity and plusgood doublethink re: AngSoc line. diosj cell topic plusgood outer party propaganda.

Defense Duckspeaker Cadre adulate diosj cell and offer fraternal assistance smash local goldsteinist subversion. will discuss antimalthink measures with minilove week 10. dec re: diosj.

continue courageous promotion truthink agitprop in diosj. inner party adulation to diosj cell.

heresy is orthodoxy


there is only one comment. there has always been only one comment.

apostasy is fidelity

craig said...

unperson task courageously complete. diosj unanimously adulate pb schori. memhole malreport.